About the project

Erasmus + Jean Monnet Actions
L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
“Jean Monet’s Chair “European Diplomacy “”
Duration of implementation: 2018-2020


The main aim of the Jeanne  Monnet  Chair  “European Diplomacy” is academic assistance to disseminate and promote European values, European integration ideas, European diplomacy in the Eurasian space, specifically, in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.

To achieve this goal it is necessary to perform the following tasks:

The educational aspect:

– Forming   students understanding, deep knowledge of the evolution, achievements and current issues of the European integration and diplomacy in Kazakhstan’s higher education sphere.

The scientific aspect:

– To give impulse to research on issues of the European diplomacy, foreign policy at the universities of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

– Formation of direct contacts and partnership between Kazakhstan and the European higher education institutions on European integration issues.

The methodological aspect:

– Increasing the quality of teaching disciplines on the European integration issues, diplomacy in the regional universities of Kazakhstan by providing information, methodological support.

Information viewpoint:

– Assistance to the further promotion of the European values, the European Union’s recognition in Kazakhstan society and the Central Asian space through the available media resources.

The goal and objectives will be achieved by means of organization of round tables, webinars; summer and distance courses on European matters for all interested person, with special attention to the regional university teachers; academic mobility of teachers; conducting research work on the relevant issues of the European integration and the European diplomacy; preparation and publication of scientific and methodical works. It is proposed that the student’s research work contest on the problems of the EU would call interest among young people to the indicated issues. All activities, efforts of the Chair and the team will be accompanied by mass media.

Jeanne  Monnet  Chair  “European Diplomacy”  will give us the opportunity to concentrate our efforts on a systematic, purposeful work on the study, the dissemination of European knowledge, ideas among students, academicians and the general public on national level.  The implementation of the Jeanne  Monnet  Chair  “European Diplomacy” project will further foster the student-oriented approach to the educational process and principles of problem education in our university. The development of academic disciplines will give impetus to the improvement of employment opportunities, career prospects for graduates of the Faculty of International Relations. The unique opportunities of integration into the European scientific and educational space will be available for teachers, young researchers and public employees  through participation in round tables, summer course, distance courses and other forms of cooperation, promoting the exchange of experience with the European educational centers.


Project implementation for the first year (September 2018 – June 2019):

  1. Opening and operation of the “Jean Monnet – European Diplomacy” Auditorium;
  2. The following disciplines were developed and taught:

“Evolution of European Diplomacy” (in Kazakh, English, Russian), lectures and practice classes, 45 hours;

“Economic model of European integration” (in Kazakh and Russian), lectures and practice classes, 45 hours;

“World integration: theory and practice” (in Russian), lectures and practice classes, 45 hours;

“Integration processes in Western Europe: problems and prospects” (in English), lectures and practice classes, 45 hours;

“Genesis and evolution of Diplomacy” (in English and Russian), lectures and practice classes, 45 hours;

“Mass communication and Diplomacy” (in English and Russian),   lectures and practice classes, 45 hours.

  1. Preparation and publication of the textbook “European Diplomacy: Theory and Practice”;
  2. Conducting an international distance school “Actual problems of European integration and diplomacy.”